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...the trademark on all his works is love.

Everything God does is right - the trademark on all his works is love.

Psalm 145:17 MSG

Having a background in marketing, this scripture hit me like a ton of bricks. Let me explain:

"Everything God does is right..."

This is exemplified in Genesis when The Father created the heavens and earth, and later man and woman. After The Father created anything, He sealed it with, "and it was good." If it wasn't good, it wouldn't be. Yes, you are probably saying it doesn't look "good" right now in these times, but if you keep reading your word, it explains the plan...


"...the trademark on all his works is love."

The term trademark is defined as a symbol, word, or words legally registered or established by use as representing a company or product.


It's the legally registered for me.

To understand further, let us journey back to the cross. That was one of the most monumental representations of The Father's love. This is where "legally registered" makes sense. Jesus came to save the sinner. When his assignment of him being amongst the sinners was over, he then died for them so they can be forgiven. Jesus dying on Calvary was the legal registering of The Father's love.

Calvary was like a courtroom. Jesus literally carried all the allegations: past, current, and future, to the cross (judge). The judgement was a sacrifice, but the exchange (verdict) was The Father's love and His spirit dwelling within us.

Reckless love?

That is why God is love (1 John 4:17:18 MSG).

Who else would give their life, just so you can live?

I'll wait...


That's just His love.


I'm Adrienne. I'm a servant and founder of Captivated. I am also an teacher, creative and lover of God. I was born in Denver, CO and raised in Atlanta, GA. I have obtained my bachlors degree in education and masters in marketing.

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