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"I'm your dad, He is your Father."

The phrase “daddy issues” has gotten a negative connotation and when someone hears it, especially a daughter, it sets off a trigger to past memories that replay over and over with no fairytale ending.

The phrase triggered me a few times. Why? I seen my dad as my protector, provider and when he fell short of what I expected from him, I became disappointed. Like, “Why you ain’t dad-ing like you suppose to?" It wasn’t his fault. He was doing the best he could. He wasn’t living up to my expectations. He was living up to his capacity. If I understood his capacity then, I wouldn’t have been upset.

On this journey with Christ, I learned that Christ is not like man. Man disappoints and all these other things, but Christ…He is different. He is a promise keeper, provides, heals, restores, loves without conditions, way maker, best friend and well, Father. I journeyed to know Him as Father.

I remember my dad would always say, “I’m your dad,” point to the sky and finish with, “He is your Father.” I heard him, but didn’t fully understand until later on.

I remember a moment during my college graduation. I was super excited to be done, but my dad wasn’t present. It wasn’t his fault. Any daughter would be upset. I wasn’t. It wasn’t because I didn’t care or trying to suppress my feelings, instead, Holy Spirit reminded me of what my dad would tell me, “I’m your dad, He is your Father.” Even though my dad wasn’t there, The Father showed up like He does every time and that was enough for me.

I’m learning to love my dad from the heart of The Father. I had to understand that I too disappointment The Father daily and He yet still gives me grace and loves me. So why not view my dad as The Father sees him…lovable.

To the daughters, I pray you start to see your dad as dad and The Father as Father. I pray that The Lord clips off the memories from your heart so you can love your dad as The Father loves him.



I'm Adrienne. I'm a servant and founder of Captivated. I am also an teacher, creative and lover of God. I was born in Denver, CO and raised in Atlanta, GA. I have obtained my bachlors degree in education and masters in marketing.

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