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At His feet

A few weekends ago, I learned the joy of being at The Father’s feet. Anything I needed was at His feet. I didn’t have to do much, I just had to get into position and receive, and most of the times, I didn’t need anything, I just wanted to love on Him.


Sitting at His feet is a form of worship. He loves when you love on Him and in return, He loves on you back. Take the story of Mary when she poured that expensive perfume on Jesus’ feet. People at the table with Jesus was looking like, “Umm, child anyways.” Mary did the unusual. Everyone else joined Jesus at the table, but Mary lowered herself and went to His feet. That showed the value and the worth Jesus was to Mary. In return for her sacrifice, Mary was forgiven.


I'm Adrienne. I'm a servant and founder of Captivated. I am also an teacher, creative and lover of God. I was born in Denver, CO and raised in Atlanta, GA. I have obtained my bachlors degree in education and masters in marketing.

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